Gold Membership


  • Professional Membership
  • e-Membership Card and Certificate
  • Subscription to Connection monthly newsletter
  • Unlimited access to Resource Lending Library
  • Entered in monthly drawing for your choice of:
    FREE class at CCFS ($35 or less) OR Distance Learning Course ($35 or less; not including cost of CEUS)
  • Members Only access to the new Brighter Connections Online Resource Center
  • 30% discount on laminating services.
  • 10% discount on Annual CSHC Regional Early Childhood Conference (2 people) 
  • 10% discount on First Aid/CPR training at CCFS (3 people) 
  • FREE CDA Portfolio consultation during normal business hours (2 portfolios) 
  • Chance to be featured in the new “Connection–Provider of the Month” section

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