The 27th Annual Community Sharing for Healthy Caring Conference Registration is NOW open!  You will want to register early to select your favorite workshops.  This year’s engaging and inspiring keynote speaker is Richard Cohen, M.A.

Zen and the Art of Early Childhood Education 

Many of us think of “early childhood” as more than a stage of development or a career choice.  Join Richard as he shares his story and elicits the stories of his audience members.  Laugh, cry and cheer as we reflect together on why we choose play, why we choose anti-bias work and why we choose to give young children meaningful learning experiences.  What does it mean to place ourselves in positions of service?  How do we balance our humanity and our professionalism in an ever-changing world?  How are we community builders?  Get ready for a keynote that will provoke your thinking, engage your emotions and nourish your spirit!

IMG_0970Early Childhood Professionals: The Heroes of Our Time 

This powerful, fun, thought-provoking keynote address includes music, opportunities for reflection, interactive discussions with the audience about the stresses and triumphs of the early childhood teacher/caregiver, singing, poetry and (believe it or not) dancing in the aisles!  Audiences come away cheering, energized and filled with honor for the unique contribution they are to society.

Watch: The candle lighting ceremony from Richard’s keynote address, “The Heroes of Our Time”

This year we also have over 80 interactive workshops to choose from!

We are proud to announce that the 27th Regional Early Childhood Conference is being sponsored by the Kellogg Family Foundation.  Thank you to the Foundation for making early childhood education a priority!