Annual Memberships

Importance of Membership in Child Connect for Family Success

Child Connect for Family Success encourages and welcomes membership from anyone who cares for and about children and families; parents, educators, health and human services representatives, businesses, community organizations, and early childhood care and education personnel.

Membership fees allow Child Connect to provide many widely-used services:  Affordable professional development; Free Early Childhood Resource Library, CDA Program Scholarships, Ready, Set, Learn! (Kindergarten Readiness Program), Free monthly e-newsletter and so much more! 

Child Connect is a partner organization of Livingston United Way, a member of the National Association of Child Care Resource and Referral Agencies, Howell Chamber of Commerce, Livingston Promise, Great Start Livingston and the Genesee Great Start Collaborative.

Become a member of Child Connect for Family Success to:

1. Broaden your knowledge:  Staying informed about the trends in early childhood education helps to keep you one step ahead of the competition!

2. Take charge of your career:  Take advantage of career resources through professional development and free resources.

3. Build a better resume: Listing your membership on your resume shows alignment with the National CDA Council recommendation and is impressive to current or future employers, showing that you are dedicated to staying connected in your profession.

4. Enhance your network: Making connections and networking are critical to program quality.  Child Connect provides countless opportunities to create professional relationships.  Joining a group allows you to have a sense of security, support in reaching your professional goals and a stronger voice for advocacy.

5. Be a Leader: Professional association with Child Connect will give you an opportunity to develop your skills as a leader.  This is important not only for your own personal growth, but for future of the field of early childhood education.

6. Become a mentor: Giving back can be the greatest reward and benefit.

7. Stay Inspired and Motivated: Reconnect to the love what you do and share the things you discover on your journey with others!

Join Child Connect and discover something new TODAY!


Child Connect is a private, nonprofit 501(c) (3) tax exempt organization with a mission to link families and child care providers with needed services and empowering resources designed to maximize the early childhood experience.  Your membership is tax deductible.