Information for Early Childhood Professionals

Child Connect for Family Success works with local early childhood professionals and those thinking of opening a child care business. We have a wealth of information and experience successful child care business!

We Routinely Provide Child Care Providers with Training, Information & Support

  • Early Childhood Education: We offer many options for professional development including interactive classroom experiences (at your site or ours), convenient distance learning, informative 30/30/30 staff orientation programs and yearly conferences.  These clock hours count toward the requirements of child care licensing and CDA acquisition.
  • Child Development Associate (CDA) Credential Scholarship Program: This program provides 120 hours of interactive education, CDA professional portfolio guidance and support, assistance during the application process, and final CDA verification observation visit.
  • Professional Membership: We offer professional membership with many benefits.  See “Become a Member” for more information.
  • Monthly Support Groups: Interacting with your peers can be highly motivational. Child Connect hosts monthly Director Support and professional development meetings and monthly Family & Group meetings to inspire you.
  • Free Lending and Resource Library: We have an extensive resource library featuring books, brochures, backpacks, and learning kits for exploration and discovery.  Download our List of Resources
  • Laminating Services: Use the onsite laminator for a minimal price per foot. Discounts if you are a member.
  • Licensing: We provide support and technical assistance for providers who are going through the child care licensing process.
  • Welfare Reform: This program gives providers information on the Department of Human Services (DHS) and training and support for DHS Positive Billing.