Thank you to the Kellogg Family Foundation for the generous grant to support our agency to enhance the quality of early childhood programs in Livingston County and beyond!

Congratulations to Jennifer Lapa

For winning the February monthly drawing for a free in class training.

As a member, you are entered into a monthly drawing for a free in class training (excludes CPR/First Aid). Become a member today.

CPR/First Aid Dates for April & May

4/14/16 – CPR/First Aid Renewal – Flint

4/16/16 – CPR/First Aid – Full – Flint

4/16/16 – CPR Renewal – Flint

4/21/16 – CPR/First Aid Renewal – Howell

4/23/16 – CPR/First Aid – Full – Howell

4/23/16 – CPR Renewal – Howell

5/12/16 – CPR/First Aid Renewal – Flint

5/14/16 – CPR/First Aid – Full – Flint

5/14/16 – CPR Renewal – Flint

5/19/16 – CPR/First Aid Renewal – Howell

5/21/16 – CPR/First Aid – Full – Howell

5/21/16 – CPR Renewal – Howell


THANK YOU! to Dr. Thomas Kellogg and the Kellogg Family Foundation for supporting Child Connect for Family Success. The funds are designated for improving the resource lending library, CPR/First Aide Classes, and the ongoing efforts to train early childhood workforce.

This all adds up to improving the quality of child care for Livingston County children!! #Itsallaboutquality